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I *love* your icon! :D


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I saw on your twitter that you were drawing a Destiel doujin, any wip....? OwO

You know too much

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Doctor Who Scenery: Series 5

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finding fanfiction i haven’t read yet


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Who/what is your spirit animal?

Me and everyone around me would say: Cat.

Sometimes my friends like to specificate: “A dandere black cat who is barely domesticated” and then one of them start moving his keys in front of my face.

There’s also people and characters but there are so many to count them… (Anne Hathaway,Mikasa Ackerman, Tom Hiddleston, the tenth doctor, Misha Collins…etc)

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I have to say, my favorite part of Destiel creations is Sam going, "JFC!! " in the backgrounds.

YES! Even if Cas isn’t there

*Work finished, can I go the hell out now? I don’t want to hear this*

*yeah yeah*

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Ok, I found this—->

AND I JUST COULD NOT UNSEE CAS AND DEAN USING THESE! Maybe Sam jokingly told Dean to get them so he can stop bitching “OMG, WHERE’S CAS?! SAMMY I CAN’T FIND CAS.” But Dean actually gets a pair. ‘Cus why not? It’s a good way to at least know he’s alive! Plus, it’ll be useful for when they need to be on the down low or get separated again. Cas doesn’t understand why Dean wants him to wear it. 

Cas- “You want me to wear a bracelet?”

Dean- “It’s NOT a bracelet.”

Sam- “It’s a bracelet, Dean.”

Dean- “SHUT UP! No one asked you. Just wear the damn thing Cas. Please? For me? It’ll let me know you’re alright. Just touch it and I’ll feel it.”

Cas- “Touch it?”

Dean- “Touch it.”

Sam- “GAAAY!”

Dean- “SAMMY I S2G.”

So Cas ends up wearing it. With the angels and Metatron overwhelming him, Cas begins to understand the importance of the bond bracelet. It seems like he’s always away from the Winchesters. From Dean. Every once in a while he’ll feel a tingle on his left hand. Dean touched the bracelet. It always makes him feel a ting of happiness. It’s amazing that just a single touch is all it takes. Cas always returns the favor. With Gadreel’s help, they go after Metatron. Their plan backfires. Cas and Gadreel both get captured. Gadreel still manages to free Cas to find the tablet. Sadly, it cost Gadreel his life. Meanwhile Metatron tells Dean about Cas being locked up. The bond bracelet is vibrating like crazy, but Cas can’t respond now. Just not right now. He needs to find the tablet. It’s under Metatron’s typewriter. Cas smashes it to bits. Metatron appears.

Metatron- “Ah. So Gadreel bites the dust. And the Angel tablet, arguably the most powerful instrument in the history of the universe, is in pieces, and for what again? Oh, that’s right, to save Dean Winchester. That was your goal, right? I mean, you draped yourself in the flag of heaven, but ultimately, it was all about saving one human, right? Well, guess what. He’s dead, too.”

Cas can’t believe it. It can’t be true. Cas touches the bracelet just to be sure. There is no response. After putting Metatron in a prison cell in Heaven, Cas touches the bracelet, over and over. Maybe it’s broken? It has to be! It just has to be. Cas feels guilty for not touching the bond bracelet right away. He should have. He should have let Dean know he was ok. Just one last time. One last touch. Cas continues touching the bracelet knowing very well there will be no response. He goes on to find the Winchesters as fast as he can. He finds Sam. Sam is in tears. So then… Dean’s really… Sam walks over to Cas and hugs him. Suddenly, Cas feels a tingle on his left hand. And Sam felt it too since they were still in embrace.

Sam- “Uhh, what was that?”


Suddenly a smokin’ hot Dean appears, LITERALLY.

Dean- “I woke up to a vibrator. It was GREAT!”

Cas runs over to Dean to hug him. Sam- “Oh thank GAWD! Wait… WHAT?!”

Cas feels a vibration.

Cas- “Is your bond bracelet vibrating?”

Dean lets go of Cas to get a better look at his angel. Dean has demon eyes.

Dean- “Heh, no. That wasn’t the bracelet.”

Dean winks at Cas. Cas blushes.

Cas- “Oh… shit.”



P.S. I just thought I should share. I couldn’t stop thinking about this. Lol I honestly don’t know if I should laugh or cry. I did both. xD Anywho, enjoy.

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I Can Feel the Love Tonight
Supernatural Songs
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My brother is a moron.
And he doesn’t have a clue.
He’s got a boyfriend, doesn’t realize
Just quit it with your eye-sex,
Just go and get it on.
Our lives are short so making a frickin’ move
Before the chance is gone!

Can I feel the love tonight?
Why does this happen to me?
Dean’s brooding and Cas is oblivious!
Put me out of my misery

Dean, don’t be scared of feelings,
Just go get your own room.
I’m sick of awkwardly third-wheeling;
You’ve got to do it soon!

Cas, he’s kinda stupid.
Was Purgat’ry this bad?
I don’t get how you can put up with him;
This is really sad!

Can I feel the love tonight?
Why does this happen to me?
Dean is brooding and Cas is oblivious,
Put me out of my misery.

I can feel the love tonight,
So I ask, why can’t they?!
Unless I drag a cupid down right here,
They’ll push it all away.

But Dean won’t fall in love tonight,
It can be assumed.
Because that’s Dean,
And somehow we love him.

In short, we all are doomed!




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It has begun.

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I love this show. :3

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Would you draw dicks if you were commissioned to? (Btw your art is amazingness)

At first I wouldn’t but lately I have been drawing more of that kind of stuff so I guess I would do it depending of the character and the pairing.

I’ll be more willing to do it if it’s from one of my opts you know?


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Can I have a hug?

okay buddy

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